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 Latest Fixes

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PostSubject: Latest Fixes   Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:33 am

Latest Updates as of 04/07/2016


Fixed crash when player logging out of an instance while dead

Improved latency issues with higher populated servers

Fixed festival bonfire crash

Fixed starting inventories and starting quickbar

Added SleepCommands in mangosd.conf so you can turn on/off some fixes which may have an impact on lag with large numbers of players on a server

Updated core code with more fixes

Updated database with latest dev updates

Fixed a wide range of different spells and abilities e.g. Cannabalize, Seal of command, Arcane Missile etc...

Fixed Molten Core script for majordomo summoning after runes are doused & ragnaros script

Major update to data files

Fixed Naxxramus and the server crashing bug

100% Fix NPC's no longer run past you when you start combat

100% Fix NPC's die at correct angle

Fixed you will now lose combat with NPC's when you exit a dungeon/raid instance

Updated core code with more fixes e.g. error on exit

Updated database with latest dev updates

Fixed spell aura's e.g. Thorns so they no longer crit

Fixed multiple server crashing bug's

Fixed fear motion effect is now running instead of walking

Gurubashi arena chest now spawns at correct times every 3 hours with correct loot

Fixed Hunter revive pet and call pet spells so they now work properly

Fixed wierd NPC's mounting onto random visual objects after deaggro

Fixed resistances at low level so they no longer provide crazy spell resist

Fixed you can now ghost run to any spirit healer and ressurect at your location rather than getting teleported back to your starting spirit healer

Modified weapon skill calculation again - more blizzlike than before

Fixed buffs (e.g. druid thorns) that cause damage on hit to display properly and calculate as a spell rather than raw damage

Updated creature movement so that it is less likely for a creature to run past you when engaging still not 100% fixed but much better

Kinda fixed creatures dieing at wierd angles

Updated core code with latest updates

Fixed warrior skills being delayed more than they should

Fixed starting inventory / bugged out starting thrown weapons that could crash the server

Updated database with various fixes

Updated weapon/defense skill system to be more blizzlike (can now train weapon skill on level 1's)

Fixed blizzlike NPC classes parry/dodge/block chances

Fixed - deaggro from distance properly

Fixed - in dungeon mobs chase further

Fixed - critters react blizzlike

Fixed - spell crit / dodge / melee crit / parry / block calculations are blizzlike

Fixed - no longer hitting attacks instantly after casting a spell

Fixed - Upper blackrock spire now works finally

Fixed - Other minor changes to make it more blizzlike etc...


OLD fixes implemented into the server:

(new) fixed - NPC's pets will now de-aggro when the NPC owner de-aggros

fixed - Mounted NPC's demount on aggression and remount after combat ends

fixed - All raid instances save progress, so if the server restarts the bosses that you killed wont respawn

fixed - Ironforge/Stormwind/Orgrimmar emote responses with /wave/kiss/shy/salute/chicken/rude

fixed - More quests fixed and improved

implemented - lvl60+ world elite/boss non-humanoids can now be kited indefinately (smiley face - i know its not 1.12.1 blizzlike but i loved this so much in vanilla i brought it back) mangosd.conf has an option to enable/disable infinite world bosses/lvl60+ elites combat range

fixed - pets which are not defined in the database will no longer spawn

fixed - pets will now regenerate mana after combat

updated - a number of NPC's equipment/waypoints/hp/mana/damage etc...

fixed - so many things that i cant even think of, but its fixed

updated - item drop rates/item loot templates for various quests/NPC's

updated - more NPC's loot templates/skinning templates fixed

updated - more dungeon/raid scripts including objects/rare spawns/creature location's/waypoints
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Latest Fixes
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